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Best Bathroom Contractors in Baton Rouge


The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel. Your home can be transformed, and a new bathroom can increase its value. The average bathroom renovation takes 7 to 14 days to complete. We can properly deliver a bathroom that will satisfy your family for years to come thanks to our experience with bathroom remodels.


If you only want to freshen up and/or modernize your space, a full demo or gut job may not always be necessary. Old spaces can frequently be revitalized with new paint and faucets. Maintaining simplicity can result in a quick job that looks fantastic.


The removal of a tub and installation of a walk-in shower is another very popular request. There are numerous walk-in showers that Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors has built. We are aware of the right steps to take in order to avoid any pitfalls that are frequently encountered when removing tubs. The plumbing comes next after the tub and tub walls are taken down. The plumber’s first job is to relocate the drain when removing a tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower. To discuss the final steps needed to create a stunning walk-in shower, contact us right away.


Our preferred bathroom renovation is a total overhaul. Starting over is something Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors and Exteriors enjoys doing. When you choose us, unlike other home remodeling  companies, you are not constrained by particular materials or colors. The possibilities are endless, and thanks to our partnership with ProSource, a nearby design and flooring showroom, we can upgrade your bathroom remodel to a whole new level. Call us right away to arrange for a free estimate.