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Best Countertop Contractors in Baton Rouge


One of the home remodeling  projects with the biggest impact is replacing your kitchen countertops. An outdated space will be given new life just by the new countertops. These days, countertops come in a wide variety.


Concrete is a remarkably robust and attractive countertop material. There are numerous applications for concrete. Additionally, it is stainable in hundreds or even thousands of colors. A very contemporary option for countertops is concrete. They are practically unbreakable and will last for a very long time.


Granite countertops are much more than a passing trend. Granite was first used for countertops in the early 1980s and has since become more widely used. Granite is a natural stone, and the minerals within it give it its color. It is made of a very strong material. Because granite has a porous surface, bacteria can penetrate the stone. That is among the main justifications for sealing granite. The sealing shields the granite from stains and anything else that might seep into the granite’s pours. Granite is available in a range of thicknesses and styles. Call us right away for a free internal estimate.


Quartz is not a natural stone; it is manufactured. Among other things, quartz does contain some of the mineral. Quartz has more consistent colors and/or patterns because it is manufactured. Unlike granite, quartz is very durable and does not require sealing. We have many exquisite slabs available. For a free in-house estimate, contact us right away.


Although the price of Formica and its installation has increased in recent years, Formica is still your most affordable option for countertops. Like most things, there are different price points depending on the design, color, and material’s durability. Call us for assistance if you need to install Formica countertops.