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Best Flooring Contractors in Baton Rouge


The finishing touch to the declaration you make with your house is the flooring. We want to assist you in expressing yourself proudly. All of your flooring needs can be met by Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors and Exteriors. We install a variety of flooring types. Carpet, wood flooring, laminate, and vinyl planks. Tile can be installed in a variety of ways. We put up laminate using glue down and floating methods. We can assist if you need flooring.


There are numerous tile varieties, sizes, and patterns. We employ a system that guarantees a properly level floor when installing tile. To ensure a tidy, uniform finished product, we take the time to make the proper cuts underneath door jambs. Our tile installers are masters in their field.


A very common option is laminate flooring. To create a floating floor, you can glue down laminate flooring or place a moisture barrier between the subfloor and laminate. There are many different sizes and hues of laminate flooring. For a free estimate, contact us.


Our preferred type of flooring to install in Louisiana is vinyl plank flooring. We adore how long-lasting and pet- and water-resistant this flooring is. The wide range in pricing is primarily due to the thickness variation of vinyl plank flooring.


the lovely wood flooring installed with glue. You can choose from a variety of species for your flooring. from teak, bamboo, or good ole’ pine to cedar. Fine homes typically have wood flooring, which looks amazing when installed throughout the entire house. When it comes to wood flooring, maintenance issues are undoubtedly more numerous. Water is also undoubtedly not a friend of wood. Consider your location and the impact of the climate on your floors when choosing the material for your floors. Consider the men at Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors and Exteriors when choosing your flooring contractor. We are prepared to assist.