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Best Painting Contractors in Baton Rouge


Your reliable partner for home remodeling  and home renovation is Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors and Exteriors LLC. We are properly insured and have workers compensation. For more than ten years, our crew of skilled craftsmen has been enhancing Louisianan homes. Usually, a week after your initial contact, we can schedule your estimate.

We take our time during the estimate to ask you all the crucial questions that will enable us to best provide the quality you require. We typically deliver the actual estimate for your project within a few days after gathering all the necessary information.

Our estimates come with a copy of our insurance, a list of references, and are sent to you via email. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. Call us right away to set up your estimate.


Do not skimp on the installation and finishing of the sheetrock if you want your house to have that crisp, finished look. When sheetrock is installed and floated correctly, it starts the process of delivering fine details in your home. A good sheetrock finisher is an artist.


We have the right crew for your project, whether you need to install one sheet of sheetrock or thousands. Our sheetrock installers are capable and reliable. They are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to complete your project on schedule and on budget. When it comes to installing sheetrock, our men are amazing.


What gives a house its most tidy and uniform appearance is the process of taping and floating sheetrock. Our guys take great pride in their work and have been providing flawless sheetrock for years. We consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. I always get a good, clean look.


When we estimate sheetrock finishing, the texture, which is typically orange peel, is always included. Unless the customer requests a Level 5 finish, we apply orange peel after the floating and sanding are finished. The level 5 finish, which is more expensive than orange peel, is typically used in commercial applications. Smooth Level 5 finishes look very tidy and elegant in any home or office setting. Call us right away for a free estimate so you can feel good about your space.