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There is a process to follow if you want to add on to your existing house, whether it’s a small addition or a major addition with plumbing and electrical work. It’s crucial to begin your addition with a business that not only has the experience to deliver, but also comprehends the procedure.

We at Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors and Exteriors not only know the right steps to take for a successful addition, but we have also used these steps numerous times and successfully completed projects.


Giving you an estimate really depends on the specifics of your blueprints and/or drawings. The blueprints, which specify specific construction details, will be used to calculate the final cost. Consequently, the first step is to acquire a set of project drawings.


It’s alright. With the right connections, Monge Remodeling – Best Baton Rouge Contractors can help turn your vision for a Baton Rouge home addition into a reality. We have draughtsman and architects who can help you present your idea to the city for approval. Call us right away to go over the specifics of your home addition.


When neither a plumbing layout nor a footer plan are necessary, an addition can be built and approved for a permit by simply sketching the construction details on a blank sheet of paper. Call us to talk about your addition, and we’ll help you decide what to do first.